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ECB Online - Terms and Conditions

NB The terms outlined below are for guideline purposes only. You are strongly advised to take note of the specific terms and conditions of the rental company at the time of quotation prior to booking your vehicle. Changes at a later date may incur charges or the Terms may be outside of your requirements - e.g. minimum driver age for rentals may vary from one rental company to another and also from country to country.

ECB Online is an affiliate of the world renowned car rental organisation Auto Europe. All of our car hire orders are processed through them. However, to benefit from our exclusive rates the orders/bookings must be placed via the ECB Online website.

Auto Europe will have arranged your rental with the car rental company as shown on your voucher that is provided for you after your booking is confirmed and the appropriate payment made. You will need to present your voucher at the rental desk to ensure the rates given you at time of booking. Neither ECB Online nor Auto Europe can be held liable if you are charged at a higher rate for failure present the voucher. Please note, rental companies vary regarding payment for the rental; some only require a deposit at the time whilst others require full payment at the time of booking. Auto Europe is independent from, and is not an agent for, any particular car-rental company. The voucher provided at time of booking is not a rental agreement. When you pick-up your rental vehicle, you will then be required to sign a rental agreement provided by the rental company that shall be subject to local laws. You will be unable to rent a vehicle if you fail to produce a current, acceptable form of driving licence valid for use in the country of rental. Some countries may require a translation of your licence into the local language or a valid International Driving permit. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure compliance. ECB Online recommends that all vehicle renters become well acquainted with the local laws, driving regulations and driving licence regulations. As with all vehicle rentals the renter or leaser of the vehicle is responsible for any breach of local traffic laws and for any subsequent fines that may be imposed due to such a breach. Congestion charges are also levied in some towns and cities (e.g. the inner city roads of London). Road/bridge/motorway tolls are levied on some roads in many countries (e.g. France, Italy, Republic of Ireland) and pre-paid permits for using certain roads such as motorways (e.g. Switzerland). The responsibility of meeting such charges is that of the vehicle renter. The rental agreement that you sign will be a legally binding agreement with terms and conditions that cover the rental vehicle. Each country or vehicle rental company has specific terms and conditions such as driver age and driver licence requirements that can be reviewed when you reach the booking page for the rental. In order for you to avail of the rates acquired by ECB Online for your rental via our website you must present the Auto Europe voucher, provided to you at the time of booking, to the rental desk. Additional fees may apply for rental service beyond their advertised hours of operation. All car rates are guaranteed in EURO, all local fees are billed in local currency. Again, it is strongly recommended that you check out the specific terms and conditions covering the rental prior to booking, this will outline the rental company's specific terms for that vehicle and locality
(It is strongly recommended that you check the specific terms and conditions associated with the rental company prior to booking)
* VAT (Value Added Tax), GST (Goods & Services tax) or other local Sales Taxes current at the time of the rental period
* Unlimited mileage.
* Liability Insurance for injuries or damages to persons or things outside the vehicle and fire insurance.
* Collision Damage (apart from excess, see below) coverage and Theft Protection for the vehicle.
* Damage or loss liability is subject to an excess of approx EUR 975. For vehicle renters age 21-24 the excess is increased to approx. EUR 1215.
* Remote/airport location surcharge (see section below for - note the Terms and Conditions on the official quotation

It is strongly recommended that you check the specific terms and conditions associated with the rental company prior to booking)
* Personal accident insurance for driver and passengers. Optional coverage may be offered locally for an additional fee.
* Petrol (Gasoline) or Diesel (Derv). Client is advised to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank and to retain copies of fuel receipts.
* Location Surcharge outside of those mentioned above may apply in some regions.
* Local toll, highway fees, or travel stickers required by local authorities, as noted above.
* Central London congestion charges.

It is strongly recommended that you check the specific terms and conditions associated with the rental company prior to booking)
*Auto Europe does not provide insurance. Coverage is provided by the rental company as indicated. *Additional coverage may be available for purchase from the rental company.
* Auto Europe has no cancellation or amendment fees when Auto Europe is advised 48 hours prior to the rental start date. Should the customer cancel less than 48 hours prior to rental start date, no shows or show up late to collect the vehicle a no show fee equal to the first 3 days of the rental will be charged. Auto Europe cannot refund any unused days if the vehicle is returned early.
* Renter and any additional drivers must be present at time of pick-up and also present an appropriate and valid full drivers license held for a minimum of 1 year (some countries require a longer period) at time of pick up.
* Please note at the time of pick up the local supplier will require a security deposit to be left for the vehicle. This takes the form of an amount (minimum: Excess + Fuel + VAT (or other appropriate tax)) being charged on the primary drivers credit card, this amount will be returned in full at the end of the rental provided the vehicle is returned in the same condition as rented.
* Vehicle rental cannot proceed if there is a failure to produce a valid credit card issued in the name of the renter/principal driver.
* Optional items (ie: luggage rack, child seats, etc.) are on a request basis only, for an additional fee.
* Drop off charges, if applicable, are estimates only and may change without notice.
* Deliveries/Collections are available on a request basis only, for an additional fee.
* Debit cards are NOT accepted locally.
* Minimum driver age varies according to local regulations.
* Additional drivers to sign agreement and pay a fee locally (first additional driver included in rates).
* You are strongly advised to check if car is DIESEL (DERV) or PETROL (GASOLINE) at pick-up.
* Travel may not be permitted outside country/state of rental; if allowable a surcharge may apply.
* Vehicles may not be permitted to travel on ferries to any island locations without pre-approval from Auto Europe, for example NZ. Intent to travel between islands must be disclosed at time of booking. Crossover date & time must be noted on voucher at time of booking, as cars are not permitted to cross over on the ferry.
* Please note: In common with most car hire suppliers the insurance coverage does not cover damage to windows, tyres, the roof, underside & interior of the vehicle, towing charges or damage caused negligently, wilfully or recklessly.

During the rental period you must carry out the usual checks (engine oil level, tyre pressure, etc.) as would any careful user and you must respect the maintenance cycle of the Vehicle as stated in the maintenance guide, if any. When parking the Vehicle, even for a short period, you undertake to lock it and make use of the Vehicle's alarm and/or immobilisation equipment. You must never leave the Vehicle unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Non-return of the keys will lead to invalidation of the theft cover. You undertake to use the Vehicle in a responsible manner and, in particular, only for the purposes for which it is intended; for or a car, this means primarily the carrying of passengers other than for hire and reward. In particular, you must not use the Vehicle under any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes: * driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of narcotic substances,
* transportation of inflammable or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful substances,
* carrying anything which, because of its smell or condition, harms the Vehicle or causes the Rental Company to lose time or money before it can rent the vehicle again,
* transportation of live animals (with the exception of domestic pets, subject to prior authorisation by the Rental Company),
* use a roof rack, luggage carrier or similar, unless supplied by the Rental Company,
* re-rental to or use by other persons,
* carrying passengers for hire or reward,
* participating in road-racing, rallies, competitions or trials, wherever they may take place,
* giving driving lessons,
* pushing or towing another vehicle (except those vehicles equipped by Rental Company with a towing-hook; maximum load 1,000 kg), or exceeding the authorised load weight.
* travelling on non-paved roads or on roads, the surface or state of repair of which could put the vehicle's wheels, tyres or its under body mechanics at risk,
* intentionally committing any offence.
* none of the goods and baggage carried in the Vehicle, including their packing and stowage equipment, will be permitted to damage the Vehicle, nor put the occupants abnormally at risk,
* in any way which breaks the Highway Code, road traffic laws or any other laws.

You will be liable for any offence committed during the rental period which relates in any way to your use of the Vehicle, as if you were the owner of the Vehicle. Upon the request of the Police or any official body the Rental Company may have to transfer your personal data. Such transfer will be done in accordance with the data protection Laws of the country of rental. You undertake to return the Vehicle to Rental Company at the agreed place, on the date and at the time indicated on the rental agreement. If you return the Vehicle to any other of the Rental Company's rental location than the agreed location, repatriation costs will be charged to you. You will not be exempt from liability towards the Rental Company in the case of breach of contract. Therefore, you will be responsible for any financial loss the Rental Company suffers as a result of such breach and for any relevant claims made by other people. You agree to pay any amounts Rental Company spends in enforcing these terms.


Neither ECB Online; Auto Europe; the Rental Company nor its officers, directors, employees shall be liable to the contracting party for any amounts nor for any actions, law suits or claims related to any direct, indirect, consequential, punitive damages (such as loss of business, loss of profit) arising out of or in connection with the rental or the use of any vehicle whether the action is based on contract or in tort. You will indemnify and hold ECB Online; Auto Europe; the Rental Company its their affiliates and officers, directors, employees harmless from all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses arising out of the rental and/or the use of the vehicle.

December 2008